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By Wieslaw Czajkowski


February 20, 2006
Monday AM

To whom it may concern:

Another winter, with no recreational facilities within a cultural complex at Gravina Narrows with an underwater tube to the International Airport in Ketchikan in lieu of bridges, as it was proposed in September of the past year, is almost gone, and no in sight the complex nor the bridges save the mania of the letters, which not yet subsided and never will for prohibitive funds to construct them this nation would not allocate. In meantime came on the horizon other alternatives against the bridges and the tube combined with the complex, and undoubtedly come more of such in the future, while the tube/complex idea fell into oblivion 'cause of Ketchikan's lack of vision. And I do bet that they due to their short memory would wonder what a tube/complex I am here mentioning about. And it would happen worse, for no one of them take a pain to go back to the September's revelation of a solution to their subarctic misery of living without amenities which could bring them the cultural complex with a decommissioned cruiser moored at the Narrows shore. All of as a lure for tourists being for Ketchikan's only source of survival there. Mayors of both the Borough and the City of Ketchikan may add to this letter some details if one would like to ask them.

Sincerely yours

Wieslaw Czajkowski
San Diego, California - USA


About: "And why I am living in the Sunny San Diego, it needs to be explained shortly: I did hate frosty winters of Poland, so in 1970 with my four member family I immigrated to the U.S. and looking around I found some discrepancies here and there, so I tried to rectify them as it was the case with Ketchikan, where by driving last September through I have got an idea of how to make life of its inhabitants more bearable, more pleasurable by docking a cruiser at their shore for entertainment and by the way connecting it with the I.A. by an underwater tube instead with the famous bridges. Lastly visiting Poland for a couple of months I suggested some improvements over there, too. All together we may make changes!"


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