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Nothing else to do? Take responsibility.
By Sonia Streitmatter


February 20, 2006
Monday AM

Regarding the comment by Kayleigh Martin. I am also not too concerned with the much talked-about bridge issue. I agree that a few other healthy alternatives for the young adults in this town would be refreshing and good for the community as a whole. You listed a few things that kids ages 13 - 20 can do in this town past 7pm such as go to Walmart, cruise town, and go to the Pioneer Pantry. However, I would like to add a few other things: How about the Rec Center? How about going to see a nice movie? How about renting a movie or checking one out from the library and watching it at home with friends and/or family? In the summertime, kids could go on a hike up Deer Mountain, a nature walk at Ward Lake or walk the trail over the 3rd Ave. bypass since it does not get dark until about 10 pm. What about getting a part-time job? Joining a sports team? Taking a nighttime art class at the college or rec center? Getting involved in a local theater production? Bowling at the Ketchikan Entertainment Center? Going out for a pizza? Volunteering at a non-profit organization? Play a board game with your family. Go visit with grandparents. Take up photography.

Most of these activities can and should be done with parents. Parents should be close to their children and be an active part in their child's life. There are quite a few viable options for young adults in Ketchikan. There are lots of kids in this town that are faced with the same and yet they do not turn to drugs out of boredom. Growing up in a Chicago suburb, believe me, there were plenty of places to go and things to see to keep us occupied, but I knew more than a few kids that took the route to drugs and bad behavior.

I think the excuse "there was nothing else do" is a weak cop-out. Yes, I think that the community should look at the drug problem in our youth. However, I think a kid could come up with something else to do if they just take the time to look around for something positive. Ketchikan is full of positive activities as well as negative ones as is the case in every town in America. Which way a kid turns is their choice and they should take responsibility for that instead of blaming their community.

Sonia Streitmatter
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Sonia Streitmatter has lived in Ketchikan for 7 years and has a 2 children, ages 12 and 7.


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