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Do you remember....?
By June Allen


February 20, 2006
Monday AM

I'm in the process of digging out what information I can from a variety of sources about an informal theater group in Ketchikan in the 1950s. Their director was a man named Rex King, who I believe is deceased now, a professional actor who was also a junior high teacher in Ketchikan. And I'm hoping to contact a member of that troupe named Shawn Crawford. Anyone who ever met that red-haired dynamo will remember her! Her husband owned the gas station ion the West end, as I recall. She and Liz Snyder put on wonderful shows upstairs at the Elks Club. If anyone has any memories or information about those actors and their productions, would you please contact me? I hate to see any these stories of Ketchikan's past lost forever.

June Allen
Palmer, AK - USA

About: June Allen writes stories about Alaska, especially about Ketchikan's past.



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