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Concern for young people
By Bill Thomas Sr.


February 20, 2006
Monday AM

Dear Sitnews,

I really appreciate the intelligent and genuine concern for our young people in the community. I know there are more than just two of us that share this concern. Many families in Ketchikan share this important concern. And the young people need help, not criticism, court appearances and incarceration. I feel they need a wholesome and constructive ways to spend their time and enhance their development. The best way I can think of to approach this is to reverse our behavior by allowing it to happen while we idly sit by and be concerned.

My thoughts lead me to consider a working group of which I would be happy to be a part of. The more involved the more ideas of resolution to this. Enough numbers going in the same directions can conquer anything.

The most difficult part of this approach is finding volunteers with "time" for this and to find a place to meet to brainstorm and try ideas that present themselves. It will take people that can be consistent and attend meetings, roll up their sleeves and TRY!!!

There are facilities in town that see many of these people for counseling. I applaud the effort. But what happens after counseling? I can be reached at 907-225-4833 if anyone is interested in this group approach concept or any concept. I'm willing to be part of any positive effort. Keep up the good word and thanks for your loud and accurate voice.


Bill Thomas Sr.
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: "I have had the opportunity to work with some of the young people Ms. Martin describes in her eloquent and deliberate comments regarding the plight of our future leaders. It seems if there is no politics involved that it isn't a topic anybody wants to discuss."


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