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Dream or Nightmare? Ketchikan's Bridge to Nowhere
By Robert D. Warner


February 16, 2006

In a recent SitNews Viewpoint, Patrick Branco talks about "a bridge to possibilities."  He compares this bridge to the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco during the 1930's. 
I suggest that Mr. Branco and others who are so eager to build this bridge at the expense of all of us move to San Francisco.  They can then pay the toll and drive across the bridge every day.  
They can enjoy paying additional high taxes necessary for bridge maintenance.  By the way, folks in San Francisco have one of the highest tax rates in the country.  What about their high crime rate, air pollution, water pollution, noise, traffic, drugs, illegal immigration, and excessively high cost of living?  How is the fishing in San Francisco Bay?
Dream on................, but this dream seems more like a nightmare to me!   Ketchikan is better the way it is without a bridge.
Robert D. Warner
Ketchikan, AK - USA
About: Robert D. Warner has been a Ketchikan resident since 1972 and he is a retired UAS Ketchikan faculty member.


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