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The Cheney Feeding Frenzy
By Bob Cinimel


February 16, 2006

After scanning 10 pages of headlines on Google News about Vice President Dick Cheney's hunting trip to Texas, I noted that all of them have the words "Cheney" and "shooting," but none include the word "accidental."

Having had a friend step in front of me just as I fired a 20-gauge shotgun at a pheasant, I know exactly how Dick Cheney felt. I was fortunate; all my friend suffered was a temporary loss of hearing in his right ear. I shudder to think what the alternative could have been.

It was a hunting accident, folks; they happen all the time. Let's move on to more important things.

Bob Ciminel
Roswell, GA - USA

About: Bob Ciminel has been employed in the commercial nuclear industry for the past 35 years. He also writes a column, Fish or Cut Bait.



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