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By Jerry Cegelske


February 14, 2006

"Thank You!"  to the Boy Scouts that cleaned up Mile 5, their section of N. Tongass Saturday morning.  It was nice to see the yellow bags along the road with all the trash that they had collected.  Looked pretty to many of us, like the daffodils popping up in the spring!
"Thanks" also to the Society of American Foresters for cleaning up Mile 6 of N. Tongass two weeks ago.  I noticed a former neighbor of mine, Henry Gibson working in that area when they were cleaning it up.  Since then I have seen him walking around town on some of the nicer days picking up trash.  "Thanks Henry!"
To all of you that take the time to clean up trash from the city streets, state and borough roads, your work is seen and appreciated.
For those of you that continue to litter, fail to cover your loads allowing trash to blow around, your work is also observed and not appreciated!
If you would like to sponsor the cleanup of a mile of the state highway as the Foresters and the Scouts have done, contact Nick Farstad at 225-2513.
There will be a cleanup of the North Tongass Highway and Revilla road next month if the weather cooperates!  I hope to see you there!

Jerry Cegelske
E-mail: jerry.cegelske[at]
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Jerry Cegelske is the Borough Code Enforcement Officer and is a retired  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Special Agent, trying to make Ketchikan cleaner and a better place to live.



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