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Isn't that just typical?
By Darlene Guzman


February 14, 2006

I read in the paper where the Borough has rejected the Moose Lodge's request for their pull tab permit renewal because they owe back taxes. Isn't that just typical? The Moose Lodge is a local business and has been around for many years. It's a nice dining establishment with great food, good company, and it's very affordable. Like some businesses though it is struggling to make ends meet. If the pull tab permit is going to help them through this hard time, why would the Borough deny it?

They are not just hurting the Moose Lodge, they are effecting many positive programs in Ketchikan. The Moose Lodge uses a majority of this pull tab money to help fund children's activities, other school activities, and people in need. Come on people, this is Ketchikan and Ketchikan isn't what it used to be. We don't have the economy we used to so why not support what we do have.

Maybe the Borough should buy the Moose Lodge building to house the seventh and eighth graders since they can't meet a deadline either.

I stand by the Moose Lodge and appreciate what they do, too bad the Borough doesn't feel that way.

Darlene Guzman
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Darlene Guzman was born & raised in Ketchikan. She writes, she "S upports local businesses and am NOT supportive of seasonal businesses run by out of town people".



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