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Thanks for leaving the porch light on!
By Scott Davis


February 13, 2006

Recently, I traveled to the State Capitol and met with many Representatives and Senators as well as the Governor's office. At first, the huge pillars, and marble work with the bustling of the men and women in suits and dresses was quite intimidating.

But I was determined to speak to as many Senators and Representatives as possible during the two days that was possible. And maybe even the Governor.

The first stop at the state capitol was at the office of Senator Lyda Greene. Her assistant, I.V. was extremely helpful in arranging the first meeting this day with the Alaska state senator. Nervous I was! The office of Senator Greene was warm and friendly as I was invited to take a seat. We talked about fire safety bills as well as the STVFD fire station initiative. While the meeting was only but a half hour long, the time was utilized well.

As I made my way through the building, I was nearly late for the appointment with Senator Bert Stedman. His receptionist was only too kind and ushered us right in (I was a minute late). Senator Stedman pays it no mind as we sat and discussed Ketchikan and many of the same issues as with the previous Senator. It seemed like only a minute when the receptionist came in once again to remind us that 30 minutes was up, and the Senator had another appointment.

During this day, and the next I was able to meet with many assistants to Senators and Representatives. Each was friendly and eager to listen to my concerns and project.

On the second day, I had an appointment at the Governor's office. D.Z. had contacted me to discuss funding for our fire station. The thought of meeting with the Governor's assistant was, to say the least very intimidating. But in no time, the assistant made me feel right at home and comfortable with the issue at hand. I was not rushed along, but instead asked many questions, and was able to expand in many areas.

Also on the second day, I met J.E., an aid to Representative Peggy Wilson. We talked for nearly 30 minutes and during that time, she listened and asked many questions as well as assured me that everything I gave her would be passed on to Rep. Wilson (I was not able to meet her during my stay because of a scheduling conflict).

Representative Jim Elkins was also on the second day. I contacted L.B. at his front office initially to confirm an appointment later that day. The welcome I got was consistent with the previous day. J. V., assistant to Rep. Elkins invited me in for a chat since the office was empty (Rep. Elkins was in a meeting). I was made to feel right at home. And with no appointment for that time! Later this day I was able to meet with Rep. Elkins and J.V. We visited for nearly 40 minutes when we all realized that the time was flying by.

At each and every stop at the state capitol, I was met with a friendly smile and a handshake welcoming me into their offices.

I have lived in Ketchikan, Alaska for nearly 25 years. Prior to this month, I had never visited the State Capitol or so many Senators and Representatives for the State. I regret not having visited the Capitol, and the Governor's office before. The experience was an extremely positive one that I hope to repeat very soon.

If any of the readers ever get a chance to go to the State Capitol in Juneau, I would urge you visit with as many of OUR Senators and Representatives as possible.

They DO listen, and are extremely friendly!

Thank you Governor Murkowski, Senators and Representatives for leaving the porch light on.


Scott Davis
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: Scott Davis is the Chief of South Tongass Volunteer Fire Department.


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