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By Pamela Lind


February 13, 2006

I wholeheatedly agree with Karen Ramsey's comments regarding unleashed dogs. There is an atrocious amount of their "business" on our sidewalks and in our parks, playgrounds, and recreational areas. It is disease spreading and downright gross especially when you consider the seepage and spread of those germs in our invariably wet environment. Furthermore, unleashed dogs are threatening to pedestrians. I have a 17 mo. old who I walk with regularly and unleashed dogs can be downright terrifying! I hope more people speak up about this concern and that something can be done. Certainly this must bother runners, parents who take their children out, and any pedestrian who prefers not to step in "it".

Thank you,

Pamela Lind
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Pamela Lind writes, "I am a stay at home mom who enjoys taking walks and going to the parks, playgrounds, beaches, and recreational areas of Ketchikan. I would like a safe, clean place for children to play outdoors."


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