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Alaska to the rescue!
By Bob Harmon


February 13, 2006

The Middle East is where we get most of our oil now. The U.S. must have oil for energy and the mostly Muslim populations of the Middle East has gone crazy! Some of the items I read about and saw on TV news today included a story about the huge riots in Pakistan and Turkey who are supposed to be our allies. Turkey is a NATO member and is usually called a "close military ally" yet because of those several months old Danish political/religious cartoons, the Turks, Pakistanis and others are marching and chanting "Death to America". Denmark is closer to them geographically than it is to us but we have blondes and so do they so is that their logic? Is it that Denmark is a Christian nation and we are mostly Christian? I think so. Talk about discrimination and religious bias!

Iran, a prime oil supplier of the world too, has also come unhinged and today it was reported that they have started enriching uranium for nuclear weapons. That is surely going to end unhappily for all involved and their oil production will probably get caught in the crossfire. Venezuela, another big oil supplier has gone Fidel Castro style Communist and is threatening to cut our oil off. Saudi Arabia has a tiny population and is threatened by the fundamentalist Muslim in the other countries in the region. Seems to me we either
must move to nuclear power for all electricity generation, saving our own meager oil for gasoline or we must open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. Probably we have to do both things.

The Liberals in Congress, the Greens and Tree Huggers have held up production and even exploration way too long. It is time for Alaska to take the place of as much of the Middle East as possible and save the bacon of the lower U.S. Any politician who holds this up
now should be voted out of office as soon as possible by American voters wherever they live in this country.

Forget the bridges, national parks and the lumber roads and all the other political disputes. Let's find and produce more oil!

Bob Harmon
Juneau, AK - USA


About: Bob Harmon is a retired teacher.


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