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Re: Mentality of This Town
By Lynne Miller


February 08, 2006

Thank you Andrew Hamilton. I too mean no disrespect to the friends and family of this pilot who lost his life while piloting a military jet through our air space. My words here are not intended to lessen the pain his passing must mean in their lives. I do question the intent and "healing properties" to this community of our city representatives honoring this person before a full investigation into this incident has occurred. I call out here, as does Mr. Hamilton, for the healing and honoring of those individuals, their familes and friends so horribly impacted by this jet crashing into a trailer park community in our town. I have read the newspaper accounts of their rescues, of the terror of what they witnessed, of the less than honorable way their lives were so wrongly FOREVER changed. The term "hero" is something I cannot quantify in this instance without knowing fully and completely what occurred and why. But I certainly pray for Larry Mestas and all those displaced, hurt and forever victimized by this jet crash and hope that somehow today and/or tomorrow indeed our city's elected representatives will see it reasonable to hold our own citizen's best interests up at this time of great personal need.

Lynne Miller
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: Lynne Miller is an eight year resident of Ketchikan and a 20 + plus year resident of Southeast Alaska.


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