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Steve Freeman
By John Apodaca


February 03, 2006

I had the privilege of working with Steve Freeman. He was the life of the party and never did I see him in a bad mood. I attended a survival class in Oklahoma with him, and as luck would have it we almost burned 5 acres of land during our exercise. I jumped in and saved the top to an igloo water jug. The class signed it and Steve wrote an eulogy for Pvt. I G Loo. It was the funniest thing I had ever heard. Steve and I remained friends. Always with a smile on his face, ready with some kind of joke. When I learned of his death, I was in shock.

It did not suprise me when I learned of the lives he saved by his ultimate sacrifice. By God, he was a Marine. Steve Freeman, I raise my glass to you my friend, and when we look on Heaven's scene we will find their gates are guarded by this United States Marine.

John Apodaca
E-mail: John Apodaca[at]
El Paso, TX - USA


About: John Apodaca works for Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine, Department of Homeland Security in El Paso, Texas.






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