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Bridge Alternatives
By Doug Barry


February 03, 2006

It was refreshing and very encouraging to read Rob Stapleton's article in the Alaska Journal of Commerce "Local group offers ferries, roads as Gravina bridge option".

I've written letters to Sitnews in the past puzzled about the common sense of building a bridge to Gravina. Progress, in my view, is a good thing...and I always wish the best and brightest future for my beloved home town. If the bridge ends up being the most logical and practical solution for access, then do it. However, I still remain unconvinced.

Steve Seley has been a forward-thinking businessman for years. He was smart to submit a rational alternative proposal to the DOT in December. Patrick Jirschele's and John Stewart's effort is yet another sign of progressive thinking that would appear to have a much more positive impact on the local workforce and future economy than the bridge construction would. Modeling the "island life" scenario after Washington's San Juan's is the kind of optimistic and realistic out-of-the-box brainstorming that the Ketchikan region and Alaska needs more of.

Both groups' hard work should not be ignored because it doesn't fit the DOT's or State's current agenda. Open minds often come up with great visionary ideas that work. Closed minds and lack of vision usually only lead to lost opportunities.

Doug Barry
Sammamish, WA - USA


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