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Memory refreshment
by Neil Gray


February 28, 2005

To lighten things up a bit for a few minutes, I have some questions about the Kings first win in Juneau in 25 years. But first, about trees not growing back again. I have a story (true story) that goes back to the SOC days of Ketchikan when Sen. Paul Tsongass and his cronies in Washington D.C. were trying to shut down the Tongass National Forest and KPC. It was told to me by Lew Williams, Jr. from his experience following those "people" around Southeast. You'll like it, and wonder how Senators representing our states could be so stupid. I'll pass that along this week when I find time to write it up and submit it.

Now.... I'd be interested in a "memory refreshment" course on who was playing for Kayhi when they whipped the Crimson Bears in Juneau in 1980. I'm pretty sure I was still broadcasting the games that year. I'd sure like to hear those names again! Although I haven't lived in Ketchikan since 1992, I'm still a Kayhi King fan and wear my Kayhi sweatshirt (thanks, Clarks!) even in Southern California. I'll never forgive myself for the one season I actually lived in Juneau and broadcast the Bears games on KINY.

Good win this week! Keep it up. We hope to see you back here at San Luis Obispo next December.

Neil Gray
Lakeside, CA - USA



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