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Log export
by Beth Antonsen


February 25, 2005

Dear Editor of Sitnews,

Every time I drive by Ward Cove I want to close my eyes or start crying, neither of which is good for driving.  To watch all the virgin timber piling up to be exported makes me so angry!  How many more years will we sacrifice the virgins to the insatiable money god?

Trees are renewable but we will never, not in 3or 4 generations get the quality of wood that we are squandering.  With global climate change the second growth trees may not be the same quality.

Robin Taylor told me several years ago that there is nothing that can be done about the hemorrhaging of our round logs because of free enterprise.  I say that is absolutely incorrect.  There is a worldwide ban on trade in elephant ivory isn't there?  The lawmakers are supposed to work for the people and make the laws.  Why can't they change the rules of the Mental Health Trust and University lands usage?  The University did not follow the rules when they sold the Herring Cove land to Alcan. They practically gave that land away. 

I know all about greased palms and back room deals after all I live in my hometown of Ketchikan. But, if we kept the wood here we could be exporting world class lumber, sheet goods, furniture, etc. around the world.  We'd have more jobs than people.

Please, somebody stop the insanity!  A person would think that an entity entitled "Mental Health Trust" would be more inclined toward mental health wellbeing and that a university would have more than 2 brain cells to rub together.  Their mode of business depresses me.  Does short sightedness and greed always have to trump integrity and common sense?

Beth Antonsen
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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