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by Cheryl Henley


February 21, 2005

I, too, feel that I have been dupped by the magazine gang. Yep, right on a busy Valentine Day as I was making my famous almond rocha candy for the family treat. A young lady knocked on the door. She was a fast talker, wearing corn curls, and zippy jeans. She had freckles on her face. I invited her in - shouldn't have. Same street, same story - make money for this trip if she sold magazines and earned points. Humm? I didn't want that rocha to burn! Her pal knocked on the door and in she came. Spoke with an accent. Very tall; said she was from Germany. My first thought; why would anyone want to visit Ketchikan in the dead of winter? Go on a trip - what kind of trip - girls? Long story short - handed her money for a magazine. My rocha was very, very, expensive I might add, but the family loved it.

Cheryl Henley
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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