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Ketchikan is changing
by Bob Allen


February 21, 2005

This is unrelated to the title of Change by Jerry Cegelske, but I must agree that Ketchikan is changing.

Over the past few weeks there have been a bunch of people having opinions on the "things to do" here in Ketchikan.

A number of people who wrote in saying that there are plenty of things to do here live out side of Ketchikan! Hello, if you don't live here how can you write that?

Do those people know that last year when the First City Players put on "Chicago" that some one complained because there was a brief provocative scene concerning a teenager? They can't even have arts here in town without some one ruining it. If that is the worst that happened in what many people said they did not notice; then we are lucky.

Do those people from out of town know that after a movie there is no place open in town to get some dessert? Even Juneau has places that are open late at night where people "who go out on the town" can go to afterwards to get something to eat. Teenagers go there to hang out and buy stuff.. I will tell you it is a lot better than them hanging out in the Safeway Parking lot drinking and smoking weed on the weekends.

Really folks what is there to do in this town? Call it a night and go to bed?

Oh I know, maybe go to one of our local drinking establishments and ingest x amounts of packs of second hand smoke. Even the bowling alley is completely filled with smoke and parents let their kids go there. Ketchikan people, did you know that in a good majority of the country you are not allowed to smoke at bars?

And folks one day your kids may leave Ketchikan, are they going to be prepared for life outside of it? Ketchikan does not need to become a big city, but it should expect and allow the lower 48 to culture us a little. America was nothing until all the foreigners cultured us in the early stages of our nation and look we are... a great country.

All I am saying here people is that we should be open to outside. Would it hurt to have competition for McDonalds?? Would it hurt to fill our mall with stores? Walmart moved here much to the dismay to locals and look that is now the hangout for everyone. A little outside influence wont hurt us people. Let's make stuff to do outside of Church and Home.

Bob Allen
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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