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There must be a better way
by Karen Ramsey


February 19, 2005

To the hardworking Mr. Jerry Cegelske,

I wish you could use your good influence to convince our city and borough leaders that we need to come up with a better, more consistent way to clean up our filthy, littered streets and highways than counting on volunteers. Granted, the volunteers' hard work is appreciated by many of us, but the scoundrels who continue to do their dirty work obviously don't, for it is usually just days before the same stretches of road look disgusting again.

Why can't we have DUI offenders and domestic violence perpetrators out there under guard regularly cleaning up our roadways? What is so different about Ketchikan that supposedly makes that solution unfeasible? It's apparent to me that Ketchikan's litterers are not going to change their uncaring behavior. North Tongass Highway right now looks as bad as I've ever seen it. I can imagine what tourists must think of us as a community when they see the trash piled up on the sides of our roadways. I don't think it's enough to plead every April, "Please, everyone, let's do our annual cleanup!" There seems to be no shortage of individuals committing the above-mentioned offenses. Cleaning up trash should be a part of their punishment.

Karen Ramsey
Ward Cove, AK - USA


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