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Magazine Sales
by ML Dahl


February 18, 2005

Hello Sitnews and howdy Kris Jensen. I, too, opened my front door a couple of nights ago to a tall young man explaining to me that he was in a contest to sell magazines. Before I told him "no", he handed me a piece of paper, which I did not read. However, I did notice that it listed a company name, which I did not store in my memory, but I did store the location of the company address printed on the paper, which was Gig Harbor, Washington. Having moved here from Gig Harbor, Washington 8 years ago, it caught my eye. When I told him "no", he said "cool" and abruptly turned and was gone in a I thought that was odd, to say the least, as most salespeople try a little harder to influence you to buy.

I recall some years ago a similar warning in the Puget Sound newspapers of salespeople going door to door with a pitch like this one. It appears to have resurfaced in Ketchikan. Next time one of these folks is at your front door, take the blue paper and keep it, or note the name of the company. If it is a scam, not just a group trying to legitimately sell magazines the old-fashioned way, reporting the company name, with an address in Gig Harbor, Washington, will go a long way to stopping whatever scam they might be running.

ML Dahl
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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