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by Marie L. Monyak


February 18, 2005

Is anyone out there as infuriated as I am over Senator Huggins' letter in regards to moving the state capitol? I'm going to need to cool down before I voice an opinion on this one.

I just wanted to help our readers with access to this "elected" official. If you would like to send your comments to Senator Huggins directly, log on to the State of Alaska web page and go to state employees' directory or use the following link or you can even call him at 907-465-3878.

After all, he felt that we should hear his opinion, it's only fair that he hear our opinion as well.

Also, I just want to say how much I agree with Tom Scott and Dave Kiffer on this topic. Tom, keep that soap box handy!

Marie L Monyak
Fairbanks (formerly Ketchikan) AK - USA



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