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Magazine Sales Scam in Ketchikan?
by Karla Hayward


February 18, 2005

I met a young man Thursday at Subway. He mentioned he was from New Mexico, and I asked what brought him to Ketchikan. He said he is selling magazines to try to win a trip to Europe. He left in a white van with 3 or 4 other young people. From where I was sitting I could see one of the passengers in the backseat was reading a sheet of paper with the City of Ketchikans' logo on it. Maybe they have already been asked to leave town. It's sad. Whoever is in charge will make them promises, but they will probably never be paid any real money, or win any trips. I'm kicking myself now, I wish I had asked more questions, and maybe warned him or something.

I saw the same young man Friday and he claims to be happy, and has heard all the horror stories. He has been doing this job for 8 months, and claims to be paid regularly.

Karla Hayward
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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