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KIC Tribal Council - AKA The Good ole Boys' Club
by Elroy Edenshaw Jr.


February 16, 2005

The true colors of some of the tribal council members came out loud and clear at this first monthly council meeting. The agenda was set in stone so no changes could not be made due to the fact there was no tribal council policy and the meeting was governed by Roberts Rules of Order (or so it seemed) and the existing KIC constitution. Any attempt to challenge agenda items due to the lack of committee work to justify the items proved fruitless. Major decisions should not be made without research by the Tribal Council. Obviously there was a lack of a proper procedure to bring a resolution to the table.

What I did see and hear was a lot of lip service to show this tribal council was a working and respectful tribal council which I could see as a priority after these last few controversial and challenging years at KIC. Why, I question this is because when it came down to the vote on certain items on the agenda the way certain tribal council members voted showed a clear contradiction to their words spoken at the meeting. Also certain Tribal Council members contradicted their own campaign speeches. The question could be asked did the KIC membership elect wolves in sheep's clothing?

Also, another question could be raised about the maker of a motion which was concerning an MOA with a union that he is affiliated with. Did the maker have a conflict of interest and/or was this a personal agenda item being pushed in the back door... or you could say this council member lacked the basic working knowledge of how a government works. This tribal council member advocated for his own personal agenda item. This tribal council member was not present which could raise one more question about this tribal council member... how many meetings will this Tribal Council member be unable to attend?
If someone intends to run for KIC Tribal Council then they should be present at all the meetings, teleconferencing is not enough.

Is there again going to be a Tribal Council that can't self monitor or be accountable and only pushes personal agendas or just rubber stamps what is in front of them to avoid friction or to be labeled a non-team player.

I know for a fact when I went to cast my votes for tribal council this last election I voted for leaders with vision and ethics and leaders that were going to work for the KIC membership. I did not cast a vote for a creation of a new 'Good ole Boys Club'. I voted for leaders that could ask the right questions and be fair and respectful. I also voted for leaders that could admit there was mistakes made and to be able to correct the mistakes. We need leaders that can set policy that protects and enhances KIC's abilities and allows for growth. I don't need or want leaders that only think about themselves.

I understand that being a elected official is hard work and takes away from your personal time and family. I could see this council achieving great and long lasting changes needed for KIC,if done in the right manner. Please, remember your decision effect all KIC members.

This is my opinion.

Elroy C. Edenshaw Jr.
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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