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Cold Storage & Sustainable Fisheries
by Robert Fruehan


February 15, 2005

This will me my last retort to Mr. Don Hoff Jr. I believe that you assume that I am part of the KCSA but I am not. I do not have the information that you need. If you lived in Ketchikan it would be easier for you to talk to these people. I will say that Leigh Gerber is a member and if you want all of the answers, he will have them. I am operating no operation, the survey was conducted out of my own curiosity and was actually part of a project I was doing for a business class I was taking at the UAS. They have the business plan, not me and if you want the answers, you should seek them out before forming an opinion that is incorrect.

The salmon fisheries are sustainable, and are about to be re-certified as being sustainable. When you were 14 years old the management was much older and as with most things it has evolved into a good system that is in place today. Your personal attack on me only shows how informed you are, get informed, don't rely on me to get the answers you should have had before opening your "opinion". If indeed you are so informed you should be able to find the people of KCSA to speak with. Perhaps you should read my comments again, for you appear to believe that I am working with or for the KCSA and in fact I am not. I just believe in it because of what I have heard from the KCSA members I have heard talk and because of my experience in the seafood industry. It is not my job to convince you for I could actually care less about the opinion of someone who does not live in Ketchikan or vote in Ketchikan... who never has a good thing to say about anything happening in Ketchikan. Nuff said, get informed not just opinionated.

I think the following article sums up the health of our Salmon Fisheries, Herring is not being fished in area's because they are being managed for a comeback, other factors other than fishing and management play roles in species development as well. Here is the article: Southeast records record king salmon harvest in 2004 (Anchorage Daily News)

Robert Fruehan
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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