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Speed bumps
by Judee Mettler


February 15, 2005

Why not put some TOPA's on the street (3rd and Jefferson).

Those are the dreadful speed bumps you find while driving around in Mexico. They usually have a TOPA when entering a small town, and one when you leave town. They also have them in heavy tourist areas where you need to drive slowly. And sometimes they are just in the road, a not so pleasant surprise.

Yes, they are a pain, and yes they will tear your car apart when you're going too fast, but they will cause traffic to go slowly, unless you're an idiot and don't care about trashing your car (or someone else's).

Seem's to me it would be easy to give this a try and not that expensive to put them in. No stop sign needed when you are crawling across a TOPA.

The only people to complain would be the ones going over them too fast.

Again, they are a pain, but they do work.

Judee Mettler
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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