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Coaches deserve respect
by Eric Bezenek


February 14, 2005

To all who have been submerged into this whole "controversy" surrounding Kayhi sports and whatever that controversy has brought to our town:

I have been hearing constantly at school about letters people have submitted on Sitnews so I decided to check them out and tell everybody what I know (and I'm not the next Einstein so don't think what I'm saying is going to be regarded like word from God or any other high ruler people worship).

I have known Terry Carlin as "coach" since the days back when I played on his Tongass Trading baseball team. I am not going to bash anyone in this letter because I just want to say what I have to say and go to bed.

First of all, I would like to say that politics are everywhere and you can't avoid them. So don't try. The key to sports is to win, and it sure helps to work on your technique for just that little extra bit in the off-season so that when you get to the clutch situation you just might have a quick flashback. Hopefully, to when your coach was drawing funky pictures on a chalkboard explaining the proper way to get the job done. Every time you discuss or practice something your brain remembers it better and better (here I go talking like a someone who went to college eight years to research brains). I am pretty sure how that works but anyway the real point I'm trying to say is to make yourself politic proof you need to be the best at what you do. And you can't be the best without some form of prep or practice. That's what these off-season deals are all about, making players better so that when it comes time for the season to start they will be ready to hopefully be the best that they can be.

Being a student athlete, just like Kenny Pearson who wrote a letter entitled "Coaches should be commended" which inspired me to write this, I know what it is like for students trying to prepare for a sport while participating in another sport that you are trying to give all you've got to, and somehow find time to do your homework. It's tough but when you get to game time and come out a winner all of the work you did before comes back in reward ten fold. And the people who help you get to that moment when you look up on the scoreboard and see your teams score above the competition should definitely be commended. Like Kenny said, "They spend hours upon hours away from their families and careers, just to help us." Anyone who is willing to try and improve the skills, attitudes, and lives of kids that aren't even theirs need not be criticized publicly but respected for all that they do.

I personally say to all who have had enough patience to deal with me and my peers and coach us to victory, sorry for the few extra gray hairs we might have caused because all the efforts you put into what you do or have done deserve much more respect then we could have ever shown at that time. Thanks.

Eric Bezenek
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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