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Cold Storage, Just Do It
by Bill Ayers


February 14, 2005

A Community Cold Storage is a move in the right direction for several reasons. Others debate that it's using our taxpayer's money and is a waste of borough land. Have you seen the land? It's a pile of rubble that was covered with toxic wastes before being cleaned up by a large contractor that hired many local folk. The land is not currently being used, or planned to be used for any valuable community asset. The money to build it is a Grant. ("Grant" means you don't have to pay it back.) The facility would open opportunities for everyone who needed to store more frozen food than they can fit in their home freezers, (have you ever got your limit of deer or fish in the same weekend?).

The facility will benefit not only all who use it, but will be a real property asset that contributes to our community's tax base. I can't see where it could go wrong. I say enough talk, let's do it!

Bill Ayers
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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