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by Pete Ellis


February 08, 2005

The only solution to the Third Avenue traffic problem is a street light at Third and Jefferson to allow traffic on Third to slow in order to avoid having to stop and more importantly to reduce the chance of inevitable collisions and injury which most certainly will occur due to the negligent street design conditions for which the State of Alaska should be held responsible. During icy conditions a change to blinking yellow on Jefferson and blinking red on Third to allow traffic uphill to proceed could help solve that issue. Stop signs changed to require all other Third Avenue entry streets to have mandatory stops so that Third Avenue remains clear to Jefferson and vehicles can proceed safely without stopping while still proceeding at a slow speed in order to catch the green light at Jefferson.

The Washington two-way is a good idea and should help with the Jefferson congestion problem. The question is whether and when the City Council and the Borough Assembly are going to press the issue and demand some action as a result of Marty West hopefully pressing the issue.

Pete Ellis
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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