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Wondering if
by Signe Markuson


February 06, 2005

Thank you for Viewpoints and Sitnews.

Well I was wondering if evolution were real then why hasn't Santa Clause evolved into a skinny guy so he could fit through my heating duct and why have I not an Easter bunny who can now lay platinum eggs and where can I buy an evolved money tree and a fountain of youth?

Oh, but I have found better promises and remembering how this all came to me one moment when I couldn't have gotten life right if I had to. How this Jesus who loves those who have never been loved and even one as unlovable as me found even me worth saving. I'll put all my hope in him.

And George I miss very much the fellowship at your church. I think that with God all things are possible, especially to those who believe.

Mr. Persons I hope you read the Holy Bible just because. It isn't wise to believe everything you hear. Remember Chicken Little and the sky is falling...

Signe Markuson
Burien, WA - USA



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