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by Robert McRoberts


February 06, 2005

Get better, we really need you. So many times we all write you. Sometimes angry, sometimes responding to some one else's anger. You put it all in there. You even correct our spelling. You never scold us when we're wrong. You let us all work it out on our own. The world needs a spot like you have created. But please do not let the world take over this site.

It is really good to see the letters from the people who reply to all the letters. When I write a letter it's what I feel. When some one writes back we know how they feel. You put pictures in from real people. For a while I thought my neighbor Carl was your photographer, he was the one who turned me on to your site - and sometimes I don't really know if that was good or bad. I know I made some angry in the way that I think a road out of this town is more important than a bridge to Gravina. Or when I said if you tailgate me I will drive slower. But that's my right and I thank you for helping me put out my opinion and the opinions of all the others.

You do not put only the letters that you feel you agree with as I think of the daily news, but no one will write them any more even when they ask us to comment on something. You make it so easy. Once again thank you and get well. 

And I wanted to say to Marty West, you're on to a great way to see what people in our community want. Thanks for asking for input from these readers or visitors, whatever we are. But I do not like Washington. It is just too steep and more accidents will happen there and by the time you fix it all up you will have spent as much as you would have buying the house on the down-hill side of Jefferson. I am sure if you just give them a good price and do not try ripping them off that you could cut a turn lane in there - and every one will be able to see what's coming up the hill.

I would also like to say thank you to a few people who I feel are doing a really good job in our community. To Miss Wild... you are doing a very impressive job with my daughter's kindergarten class - and all the rest at the Charter school and all the other parents that are doing their time helping out.

Well, I was going to say more but my mind went blank and my cup is empty, so to all have a nice day.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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