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Thoughts on a winter's day
by Shirley McDonald


February 05, 2005

#1: Dick Kauffman .... we are wishing you a SPEEEEEDY recovery!!!! Your many talents and company are missed at home !!!

#2: I remember being young and impetuous and wandering thru the house whining cause there was never anything to do and sniveling cause I was bored all the time. Finally one day my mom grew tired of hearing this and asked if I was just bored or BORING. I turned around and looked at her like "huh??" Now that I have a child of my own who howls how bored he is... I ask him if he is boring too!!! STRANGE twists of fate !!! And you know of course he gives me the same look!!!

I remember doing a lot of things as a kid after that ... got a job. I grew up on the Oregon coast so I was on the beach alot even in the winter time after a storm cause you could find all kinds of treasures on the beach then!!! I started hanging out with friends who went bowling and to the movies. But what was really fun is that I had a parent at home who basically loved all my friends sooo all my friends wanted to come to our house. We all played parlor games, tennis out in the street and sometimes we would sit around and eat popcorn and ice cream and just talk about positive choices... BOYS!! and taking responsibility for our own actions, good and bad. But we were never bad kids, just kids is all. All this stuff about nothing to do passes once you become an adult and grow up and get away from home - that is when life REALLY STARTS. Then you do get to make more of your own choices and I think that helps. Soooo enjoy sleeping in until noon and stuff like that ... cause that is when you grow .... My son I think he was a bamboo tree in a previous life!! Every morning much to his dislike it seems like he has grown a foot!!!!

Have a wonderful winter day Ketchikan!!!

Shirley McDonald
Ketchikan, AK - USA





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