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Kidnapping U.S. toys?
by Tim Lambert


February 03, 2005

If the elections are just hype and will have no effect on the terrorist factions in Iraq, then why are they kidnaping our U.S toys and faking the footage of shooting down a British cargo plane?

The terrorist faction in Iraq is losing the battle, they are grasping at straws to get attention from the Arab world and the outrage of the political left in the USA. I can't see how they could win a war against a force like the U.S. military and the Iraqi forces that we are training. I know that it wont be smooth sailing for us just because of the elections. The terrorist will strike again and innocent and non innocent will die as a result of them but they will not prevail as long as the Iraqi people stand together against them as they have done so far.

You can't compare this war to Vietnam or any other war in the past. There are similarities to them all, but all are different. The elections are just the start of the new world for them and all I have seen is that they want that new world.

If they never completely get rid of the terrorist threat completely (and they never will), it will be a country like Israel where there are homicide bombers and sniper shootings on a daily basis. But which is preferable, freedom or Saddam and his bunch of henchmen?

Bush has done the best job that could be done in this situation and I can hold no fault. I'm sure there are others that do but those are rapidly becoming a minority and will soon be looked at as the radical left wing cooks in this country. The Republicans are rapidly becoming the mainstream in this country. If you don't believe me then look at the results of our last election.

Democrats you better get with the program or the American people will replace you too.

Tim Lambert
Vandervoort, AR - USA

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