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Our Youth Sports
by Richard R. Watson


February 03, 2005

I want to take a moment to commend all the teachers, coaches, parents, kids, and anyone who volunteers time, effort and money for our youth. Without you we would not have such opportunities for our children to participate in.

I have a few questions about the way the Ketchikan Dribblers League turned out this year. I am specifically addressing this publicly because I would like many to hear the answers, not just a private conversation between a parent or coach and a board member. This may only pertain to the girls 10-13 year old division so if I mention something that needs correction or clarification, by all means, here is your opportunity to set it straight.

1) I understand this year there will be no KDL All Stars and no KDL All Star post season teams or games?

2) I also understand that this year there will be only First Place trophies and no All Star or Second Place trophies?

3) Is it true KDL paid $7500.00 to have an individual run the league? Is this why there was no money left for trophies other than First place?

4) Is it true KDL now pays the coaches or others to referee?

5) Please publish a list of your official board members, meeting dates, locations, times, past meeting minutes, and where I might obtain a copy of your by-laws. Also how does one get appointed to this board?

It is very sad to see so few parents show up to support and watch their kids. Most of you really have no legitimate excuse. Shame on you. If you can't make it, ask a relative or friend to go. To those parents who show up and can do nothing but yell (I am not talking about cheering) at their kids and complain to the coaches or refs about calls, you can stay home. You have a legitimate excuse.

Richard R. Watson
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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