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Another Nothing to Do Letter
by Annie Kessler


February 03, 2005

To Mr. Mackey and others who wonder if the people complaining about " nothing to do" are the ones who have/had that little note on the bottom of their report cards where their teacher observed a lack of preparation and misuse of time.

As a high school student in Ketchikan I always felt like there wasn' t much to do, especially if I wanted to get out of the house and away from my parents. Bowling and going to the movie theater every weekend got old (and expensive) rather quickly. Sure, I found other things to do, like driving from one end of Tongass to the other. But a kid can only do that so many times before she realizes that her minimum wage job can't pay for all that gas.

And yes, I had a job all through high school. I also played softball, both in the city league and for Kayhi. I was a member of the Academic Decathlon, National Honor Society, and Interact. I was also on the yearbook staff one year and took photos at various school activities. I was very active in my church and youth group. I enjoyed reading and writing. I took advanced classes and did my homework, usually on time. I graduated in 1999 as one of six valedictorians in my class. And yes, I felt like there was "nothing to do" in Ketchikan.

The truth is, we all know that there are many things to do in Ketchikan. There are a variety of clubs and projects and activities and teams and hobbies. I was involved in a number of them and still found myself wishing that there was something else to do on a Friday night, some way to just relax, kick back, and have fun with my friends without getting in trouble. I think every kid, no matter what town, city, or metropolis he lives in, feels like there is nothing to do on Friday night.

Now I'm a few years older and willing to admit that I was wrong. There are things to do in Ketchikan (Gasp! Shock!). However, some of our youth and young adults are asking for other options. Why don't we stop complaining about the people complaining? Instead of avoiding the real issues by telling everyone that there is plenty to do and they should get over it, let's help each other out and be open to some new activities that the youth of Ketchikan might enjoy. Many thanks go to Joseph Branco for putting together Friday nights at Steamers! Now it's time to start looking into some of the other ideas people have proposed. I know Tyrell Rettke has talked about a paintball league/field. Some have also mentioned putting together a place to ride off-road vehicles.

So, to all of you young people (and the young at heart), what would you like to see happen in Ketchikan? Maybe the next time I visit home I'll be surprised with some new options for a Friday night on the town (and this time I'm willing to hang out with my parents).

Annie Kessler
Portsmouth, VA - USA



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