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Due time to do something!
by Charles Mackey


February 02, 2005

Nothing to do, nothing to do, nothing to do. Wait a second, hold on, here it comes, there it is! Do you see it? It is Opportunity! Ready for all ages to enjoy! Opportunity is all around!

I often wonder if most of the people who are complaining about "NOTHING to DO" are the ones who have (or had) that little note on the bottom of their report cards where their teacher observed a lack of preparation and misuse of time.

Having grown up in this town I have always been amused by the Nothing to do crowd .
Over the years the effort spent whining about nothing to do could power this small city for a year.

As a kid growing up in Ketchikan I found all kinds of things to do by myself and with friends. Some that come to mind are as follows: When it rained we made dams in the ditches and streams. This made for many hours of fun and provided a place for us to set our model ships sailing only to be hit with a barrage of various projectiles. When it was snowing we would sled down all the steepest hills in town and create jumps. We were EXTREME or had "NO FEAR" long before it was cool. We were called Daredevils as I recall. Healing up from all the bruises and contusions gathered while playing outdoors in all sorts of weather was something to do. I remember playing guns also known as playing "cowboys and Indians" or another popular derivative "ARMY". Of course these games were all pre-PC and during a period of time when the U.S. was at war. Oh yeah it is! Again or still. On the really hot days we kids would go to the beach and swim in the ocean or build driftwood rafts to float on.

Then as we got older and needed money we got jobs! Not top paying career orientated jobs, just jobs. With no expectations other then to collect a few bucks to finance our trips to the movie theater, buy burgers or fix an old beater of a car. Plenty of those around still.
Boating in skiffs and tearing up and down the channel filled many hours. Jumping the wakes of passing fishing boats and the State Ferry was fun (still is). Riding bikes on Tongass Ave. and up the side roads going all over town was another popular activity rain or shine.

So many things to do I could fill volumes! Man! (Popular phrase of the day). I just can't accept the thought process that demands to be stimulated without personal effort.
Come on people put it together! You can do it! You have to be the one to do it! There is no one else but you the bored and listless to blame. There are literally TONS of things to do in this town! Just open your eyes and hearts to the opportunities.

Here for you are just a few things I could think of TO DO.

Besides all the extracurricular activities available before and after school for adults and children there is the Arts council, First City players, the Rec Center, Church activities, organized sports programs of all sorts for all ages. Learning how to fish or teaching someone how to fish, Hiking, Camping (when you get there). Go to a friends house, join a club. Start a Nothing to do club? Go to the Library; take a child to the children's library. Check out the Museum, walk everywhere (instead of asking for a ride). Go to the swimming pool. Learn how to swim the old fashioned way (by jumping in the pool). Get to know your neighbors. Help your neighbor do whatever they are doing. Read a book. Write a book.

So there you have it. Just a few opportunities that have been listed and provided for the Nothing to do crowd.

Note to bored reader: Guess what? You just did something! I bet you have something else to do now! So quit with the whining and get with the program.

P.S. this gave me something to do other then pay bills, do chores, feed the cat, walk the dog or help my kid with his homework..... Thanks!

Charles Mackey
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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