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President Zelensky

By Mary Lynne Dahl


January 09, 2023

To The Editor,

I watched the address that President Zelensky gave to Congress on December 21 with great interest. He is a brave, charismatic leader, a skilled communicator and clearly an effective and inspiring Commander in Chief of his military. I was struck by his honest, straightforward approach to requesting aid for his army in the fight against the Russian forces. He hit the nail on the head when he said that financial and military aid to Ukraine is not charity, but is insurance against a larger global war between Russia and Europe. If Ukraine does not prevail against Putin and his army, the war will spread to other former Soviet satellite countries who enjoy democracy and freedom. Putin not only wants Ukraine back; he also wants those former Soviet countries as well.

I am appalled at comments that have been made by a small group in Congress that were critical of President Zelensky, in particular that instead of wearing a suit and tie, he appeared before Congress in his military clothing, which was not only appropriate but symbolic, as well as the criticism that his English was not very good. Those kinds of ignorant comments can only come from self-important and pompous people who have no comprehension of the courage it takes to be on the front lines of a brutal war.

President Zelensky does have an accent, but his command of the English language was excellent, and I would wager it is far superior to the Ukrainian that these Congressional bumpkins could muster. How tacky to criticize a warrior who has the courage not only to fight this brutal war but to also stand before the world and speak to the US Congress as the fearless leader of a besieged nation. History will not forget. Pray that Ukraine will prevail against Russia. Pray for her people. Pray for her President, Volodomyr Zelensky.

Mary Lynne Dahl
Ketchikan, Alaska




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Received December 24, 2022- Published January 09, 2023

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