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Ranking Voting Process

By A.M. (Al) Johnson


January 09, 2023

In a letter to Alaska For Better Elections, I noted that I was in receipt of their recent mailer regarding one has to suppose the Ranking Voting Process. Assumed as there is no indication by the title as to what voting system thyeare actually touting, yes, common sense will conclude it is the Ranking Voting process.

In my letter I responded to the claims in the mailer, My responses:

(1) Easy to understand:  Unbelievable that you make that charge, as a voter in my prescient, conversation with fellow voters, party affiliation unknown,, were by far, upset and did and do not understand this format as easy to understand, that most figured it out, the urge to comment on returning to the one vote, one candidate, was paramount, one or two would like the "Purple Finger" proof of voting used in the Eastern nations voting process

(2) More competition:  This aspect proved controversial in the process of dealing with many candidates of known identities. "Who in the Hell are these people?"
actually, the sentence should read; "An overwhelming majority of Alaskans said races for state and local office were more CONFUSING this year than previous (normal) elections   Parentheses are mine.

(3) More Opportunity: You are correct, far more uncertainty and confusion frustrating with the high number of unknown candidates including more woman, which opens the door for nefarious manipulation added to that stated overall confusion and frustration, still heard today. (I suspect that there will be legislative action (Republican led) to create legislation to reverse this process as soon as allotted time runs its course or becomes legal to reverse sooner. I would be supportive that effort!!

(4) More power for regular Alaskans:  Not a very accurate comment in my opinion, this process narrows the ability of the regular Alaskan to deal with a simple straight forward ballot.  Which Party or special interest group making the better argument should be the outcome.

Dark money (Much used to create this process and I would suspect, the authors of this mailer,) swamped the election landscape, creating more suspect campaign funding that escapes investigation of any meaningful intent.

In closing, this mailer itself should be resentful, however, receipt of said mailer has proven an awareness and eye opener demanding attention be given to our current legislators to remind them that at least one citizen is willing to make some noise.

For that opportunity, I give you thanks,


A.M. (Al) Johnson
Ketchikan, Alaska




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Received January 03, 2023- Published January 09, 2023

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