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Questions for PeaceHealth Ketchikan

By Ralph and Lauren Mirsky


January 29, 2015
Thursday AM

Nurse’s, Nurse Practitioners; family, friends, women and men that are Living and working in our community; these highly Educated, Dedicated Professionals work towards the well being of all of us that live here in Ketchikan.

Whether working for the hospital, the clinic/s or a private practice these dedicated professionals don’t just hang up their scrubs at the end of the day and go home to tend their families. They take calls at all hours of the day and night, on weekends, on holidays, from friends, neighbors and family members seeking medical advice and assistance. These dedicated professionals are not just an asset to their employers they are more importantly a golden asset to our community that deserve to be paid a salary that is not just equal to what dedicated nurses are paid in the lower 48 they need to be paid more.

Peace Health; supposedly a nonprofit organization; as they continue to throw our Nurses under the bus for profit gain, needs to be honest to the community of Ketchikan to which they supposedly benefit and answer the following questions.

  1. Why is Peace Health under valuating the Nurses of our great community?
  2. The price of treatment at our Peace Health Hospital even for those with medical insurance is considerably higher than what facilities, including their sister hospitals in the lower 48 charge; yet they undervalue the Nurse’s; why?
  3. What do they pay the City of Ketchikan for the privilege of operating the hospital and clinic on City property? (Property that the Citizens of Ketchikan own.)
  4. Who’s paying for the construction of the new hospital wing and remodel work? (We are, not Peace Health.)
  5. What do they pay the hospital CEO to oversee this so called nonprofit facility?
  6. What was the Ketchikan Peace Health supposed nonprofit facilities profit for the past five years?

These are valid questions that need to be made public when considering the denial by Peace Health to pay the Nurses a fair wage. Compelling the Nurses to join the National Nurses Union to fight for the wages they deserve and should have been being paid all along.

As for the question regarding what value does Peace Health truly put on the dedicated Nurses here in Ketchikan? In my humble opinion, this whole scenario on the part of Peace Health, is scandalous and needs to be corrected now.

Because of our higher cost of living and the isolation challenges here in Ketchikan, our dedicated Nurses deserve to be paid at least 15% more than their peers that live and work in the lower 48 are paid.

To the entire dedicated Nurse professional’s here in Ketchikan, Thank You for what you do.

Ralph and Lauren Mirsky,
Residents of Ketchikan for the past 17.5 years.
Ketchikan, Alaska


Received January 27, 2015 - Published January 29, 2015

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