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Fuel Prices
By Linda Hansen


January 28, 2013
Monday PM

I like the idea also of the co-op for gasoline. I would join! I am tired of being taken advantage by our fuel prices in all areas, but it would be nice to take some kind of stand. If a person could figure out how to get the co-op going it would be nice, not only for gasoline, but for fuel for our homes, boats whatever the community needs are.

I know our community is a great one, when it comes to helping others in need. Well, we need to make a stand about our fuel cost. If there is some one out there growing their own produce and have left over for purchase I would do that as well. When there's a will there is a way.

Thank you in advance for your time to read this letter.

Linda Hansen,
Just another person in Ketchikan wondering why?
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Born and raised in Ketchikan"

Received January 27, 2013 - Published January 28, 2013

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