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By Dr. R.D. McGee


January 15, 2013
Tuesday AM

If politicians think gun control is the answer to our violence problem, think again. Actually, every citizen should be educated in gun use and safety. If the feds control the use of personal firearms, only the bad guys will have the power to do what they want. We have historical evidence from around the world that gun confiscation (example-Nazi Germany) leads to bad things. We also have an excellent example, Switzerland, how every citizen having guns and using them responsibly is a good thing.

I have been in countries that exercise gun control. I have had to step over and walk around dead bodies who were shot and killed by the bad guys. We could have the same situation in the USA if gun control becomes reality.

Ketchikan, AK

About:"I am a retired Dentist, who spent 40 years in training and the practice of Dentistry. I am a gun owner, hunter, and strong believer in the wisdom of our founding fathers. I have traveled extensibly, both in the USA and foreign lands. I am a student of world history."

Received January 14, 2013 - Published January 15, 2013




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