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By Joey Garcia


January 31, 2012
Tuesday AM

Does the Alaska yearly PFD need an online-oversight commitee? Some Alaska residents comes in flock, mostly to a department store using their PFD checks or the purchase of things they have dreamt for years. I am not surprised that the present PFD online application contains additional questions in support to the query of having been absent from the State on a specified date that can be judged as fraud.

Sad to note, if the Juneau PFD overseers can really lick the problem in line with the question if the applicant has check said application by fraud in attesting to the fact that they have never went out of Alaska either 90 or 180 days questionnaire, and later still issue PFD checks to the wrong applicant?

Taking a cue, if we only attest to the fact in answering the questions of NO that they never have went out of the State even for a mere 90 days and reasoning in the slot as to why, I think it does not suffice applicants receiving said PFD checks anyway. Let us face the facts that before a PFD applicant files an application in January at the earliest, then goes home to the lower 48 States, or perhaps to another country and to be back in July in visiting their relatives, as often on their off season plan.   

That will surely be a waste of time by the Juneau assigned PFD evaluators rather than to deputize sort of, evaluators right where the horses are eating their meals. These applicants know where to hit the YES or NO answers and they never care nonetheless with reasons of sickness attendance or death of their family, does the PFD still approve their applications? It is just mailing  their birth certificates and expired passports, rather than the new passports as this will show arrivals/departures in a country where they go from 90 or 180 days, or more.

Or, shall the Office of Governor Parnell will just close their eyes, or cover their ears and zip their mouth, for political reasons? Or, is it better really to fully evaluate, then forfeit their PFD's to those qualified, per se.

Joey Garcia
Ketchikan, AK

Addition: I am sorry as I stand corrected re the Columbia being State owned, not the City of Ketchikan.

Received January 16, 2012 - Published January 31, 2012

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