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RE: Boat Tax
By Kim Peters


January 24, 2012
Tuesday AM

We also just recieved a tax bill from the Ketchikan borough on a boat that we just bought. It was a boat tax for $90.00. Most all of it was interest, but when we asked what this was for and why we had never recieved anything like this before for any other boats we have owned they replied that not everyone was being charged yet. Well, you can send me a bill when everyone gets a bill, why would you not charge everyone? This is ridiculous! I guess it's time to register your boats somewhere else.

I feel like our town Government should be doing a lot better things than figuring out how to tax us on every little thing that we have. Maybe they should be concentrating on how to save all the money they get from taxes on the people rather than spend it all on frivilous things.

Kim Peters
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Lifetime alaska resident"

Received January 18, 2012 - Published January 24, 2012

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