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By Joey Garcia


January 18, 2012
Wednesday AM

In the Jan 16th caption of Charlotte Tanner's re AHMS, I am intrigued having to consider that the cost of swinging out of Ketchikan to Seattle via Bellingham has been way too high and exorbitant. This includes the Alaska Airlines sort of monopoly without any choices whatsover. The only way out of Ketchikan, is to "sit down and shut up".

The running of the Malaspina during winter time to Bellingham is like Spain's running of the bulls, sort of. You have to hold tight when crossing open seas, close your eyes and perhaps take dozens of dramamine. Travelling is not supposed to be this hectic, arriving in Bellingham like an ugly American fresh from the bars on dock street.

I agree with Charlotte that perhaps on her next trip via Prince Rupert, I will go on the same route, take a couple of digital cameras and see the scenic spots without looking at the rock n'roll swaying of the Malaspina.

The Columbia is always on Dock 3. Is the Borough de-commissioning this ferry just because it cannot make money when the safety of the AMHS passengers is the utmost care and concern for the City of Ketchikan's residents?

Are we on a "TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT" metaphor gimmick of the AHMS?

Joey Garcia
Ketchikan, AK

Received January 17, 2012 - Published January 18, 2012

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