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Recycling The Pool Building
By Makenzie Demmert


January 31, 2011
Monday PM

There is a great solution to how we should recycle the pool building, that wouldn't be hard at all to remodel. I ve heard it a lot around town and completely agree that Ketchikan should have an indoor skate park. The old pool building would be PERFECT for this! It's in a great location, right next to the school and I know that a TON of kids would get use out of it! Fill up the pools and build some ramps. Then where the weight lifting area is, we could put arcade games (and maybe a snack bar) to generate more income.

Ketchikan needs some recreational activities for the younger age group and an indoor skate park/arcade would be prayers answered for many kids. Then kids could skate year round, off the street and in a safer environment (helmets anyone?). Lessons could also be given. Indoor skate parks are extremely popular even in places where the weather is nice enough to skate outside. We don't need any more gyms! That would be a huge waste of money and much harder upkeep.

For years I ve been hearing talk of a potential outdoor skate park in Ketchikan REALLY?! An OUTDOOR skate park? That is a ridiculous idea and the ramps at the Rec Center are frankly pathetic. I rarely see anyone there.

If there were an indoor skate park that would equal more kids engaging in physical exercise and healthier (regulated) social activity. Plus it would be a crazy easy remodel. I just can't get over how perfect this facility is as an indoor skate park. Please Indoor Skatepark Map">check out this link to see the map of an indoor skate park (which I've been to and it was packed) in Renton, Washington.

This is the easiest project ever and not to mention the one that makes the most sense.

P.S. Recycling is way better than wasting now that the vote has been passed.

Please give this idea fair consideration and remember that what will be more useful for the kids is better for everyone in the long run (they don't have jobs and all the other fun stuff adults do to fill their time up but they will find other things if we don't provide for them).

Makenzie Demmert
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Born in Ketchikan, lived in Washington and I know what's up."

Received January 27, 2011 - Published January 31, 2011


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