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Tribal Council Elections
By Cheryl Dodson


January 19, 2011
Wednesday AM

I don't know yet what the results are of the elections last night, but I read with interest the letters from Chas, CC and John. You are all correct in your opinions. Being a leader is a thankless job; Tribal Council does the best they can for the community; and we need new leadership.

Most people do not get involved in politics unless it directly involves ourselves or our family members. This is too bad. I know as I was involved in the community for twenty five years in various capacities. As a employee of KIC for 25 years; a delegate and officer of the local T&H Council; served on the Governors Private Industry Council; City of Ketchikan Personnel Committee and IEA Parent Comittee ( only listed a few) when my kids were in school. I applaud anyone who throws in their hats for consideration. Hopefully some of the new and younger generation were elected. It takes years to learn the political process' and the organizational procedures, but they can be learned. I believe that new blood opens new ideas and much needed new energy. It is healthy to have limited terms. I don't know if this has even been considered.

I have been more involved this year than I have been in the past six years since the attempted murder of my grandson, Kyle and the continual refusal of medical care from our clinic. This blatant abuse of power by the council has forced us to get help outside of our self governance Council. We still don't know who, how or why this decision was made. Kyle has never been absent from the community except for the 9 months he spends with me going to school here in Seattle. He has never been to see a doctor outside of KIC up until the refusal to serve him was made. It has been documented by the doctors who care for him here and the ones in the Ketchikan General hospital who sent him to the only critical care hospital for five states that he would have died if he was flown to Anchorage. We stand by our son, grandson, brother, great grandson and friend to do what ever we can to fight for his rights!! I challenge any Tribal council, tribal member or community member to search their hearts and ask themselves if they would do anything different if it was their loved one. I even called the parents of Jared Azure to see if they would help find the resources to see Kyle back to some kind of normalcy in his life. He is a victim and his family is only doing what any family would do to help him. If there is any criticism for that please bring it forward or help us find a way to help KYLE PALMER.

Cheryl Dodson
Seattle, WA

About: "Past twenty five year employee of KIC. I worked as a bookeeper, tribal enrollment officer, Personal/Tribal Employment Officer and Career Education Coordinator. Also sat on many boards and committees representing our people of Ketchikan."

Received January 18, 2010 - Published January 19, 2011

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