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Ward Lake access
By Susan Hoyt


January 13, 2011
Thursday PM

I would like to add one more letter in the hopes that whoever is responsible for the Ward Lake road understands the winter access need. Maybe we can find a solution to the problem rather than point fingers. What will it take to get access year-round?

Ketchikan is limited in options for young and old alike. For people who enjoy the outdoors Ward Lake is a great place to be year-round! Trails, walks, cook outs, boating, a nice drive through the camp ground ice skating, picture taking etc. But some of the members of the community, including my parents, do not have the luxury of enjoying it as much as the few who are able to walk the road in the winter from the turn off down to the lake. My father is in a wheel chair and my mother is 83 and hardly able to walk that distance. In the summer I drive my parents down to the lake and then they are able to enjoy the scenery and lake activities.

Would it not benefit the community to open up the road during the winter for the benefit of all the community rather than the few who are able-bodied enough to make the trek?

Gravina Island is another option (if you have the money). Even with the new access to the airport road system you are required to pay for your vehicle and all passengers and if you are bringing a trailer the minimum you would pay is about $ 28.00 for 2 people.

We have these places here -- is there any way to get access for all? How much would it really cost and can we pay a private party during winter to maintain it when the money is being doled out for other community activities? Can this be an option?

Thanks Sitnews for the opportunity to voice my opinion!

Susan Hoyt
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Resident of Ketchikan -- born and raised here and daughter of elderly parents who were also raised here. A resident who enjoys the outdoors year-round and would like to include everyone!!!"

Received January 12, 2010 - Published January 13, 2011



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