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America is being held hostage
By Martha Leftwich


January 03, 2011

American voters were angry when they went to the polls November 2, 2010, many didn't bother to even cast their vote at all.

The big question is what or who were they angry at? Was it because President Obama made poor choices regarding his appointments, or was it because he compromised too many times with the very party the voters chose to elect to the majority in the White House? Did the ones on Social Security and Disability forget so soon, how the Republicans wanted to privatize Social Security, did the Veterans forget the horrible conditions of the VA hospitals, during the Bush era? Or the shut down of the Government during the Bush years?

Many argue that they wanted a change of people representing us in Washington, they didn't trust the incumbents, if that was the case, why didn't they vote for different people in the Primary election? People that would have worked for the working class of people, Seniors, Veterans and. the poor?

Did the voters really believe we needed an ultra Conservative Government to rule America, or was they misled by the Tea Party movement?

The outcome of the mid term election reminds me of an angry driver setting fire to his car because it wouldn't start, we are now faced with something we can't fix, by 2012, we are going to see what anger in the voting polls can do.

For those who were depending on an extension of their unemployment checks, I wonder who you voted for, or did you bother to vote at all?

The Republicans have offered the Democrats a chance to pay ransom, extend the Bush tax cuts for those earning millions of dollars a year, or have a tax increase on the low to middle income workers and not extend the unemployment benefits.

The working class of people, Seniors, Veterans and the poor people are being held hostage to a Republican majority. Obama is willing to pay their ransom, the big question is "who will they hold hostage next?"

I voted for Democrats, although I would have preferred to not vote for any Conservative Democrats, some has already proven to be Republicans by changing parties, they defrauded the Democrats by using Democrat Campaign funds to run their ads and then committed theft by stealing the Democratic votes -- "Governor Riley will this be addressed in your ethics reform package?"

Martha Leftwich
Weaver, AL

About: "I just turned 75 December 21 2010, I am widow since 2001, I watched as my husband suffered without quality health care for over 15 years, he only had Medicare. therefore we had to make a choice. either go to a doctor and pay out the co-pay that Medicare charges or go without food.

Now things are even worse, I only draw $963 per month, according to the standards set in the State of Alabama that is too much income for me to get food stamps or Medicaid.

I can't afford to go to a doctor, people are left without medical care, yet the Health Care Bill was drawn up by the same people who has determined that all Seniors are getting enough to live on, they don't have any idea of how much doctors are charging their patients, nor of the cost of the numerous tests they always order them to take if they go doe treatment.

Very few doctors will even take a Medicare patient now, most who will. are not doctors one can have confidence in either.

I have fought the injustices of the poor people all my life, and I plan on keep up the fight until I draw my last breath."

Received December 31, 2010 - Published January 03, 2011


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