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Voter Registration Records Under Review


January 19, 2011
Wednesday PM

(SitNews) - As part of the annual review of Alaska’s voter registration rolls, the Alaska Division of Elections has mailed notices to voters who have not voted or had any activity on their voter record in the previous four years.

During this annual review, the division sends two separate notices to voters prior to inactivating voter records.  The division has recently mailed the second and final notice to 18,700 voters.  Voters who are sent the notice must respond to the division by March 2, 2011 or their voter record will be inactivated.

“Voters whose registration records have been inactivated due to list maintenance may still vote using a questioned ballot.  If they vote at any time within four years after being inactivated their ballot will count”, said director Gail Fenumiai.  Voting a questioned ballot will activate and update a person’s voter registration record.

If you receive a notice addressed to a voter that is no longer at the address, please mark “Return to Sender” and send the notice back to the Division of Elections.  This will allow the division to inactivate the voter’s record.


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State of Alaska, Division of Elections


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