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2010 PFD On-line Application Bugs Addressed


January 04, 2010

Juneau, Alaska ­ The Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) division has received reports of some applicants having technical difficulties while using the 2010 PFD on-line application process, particularly in regards to the Pick.Click.Give (PCG) charitable contribution option. These problems have been addressed, and remedies are being explored for those applicants impacted by the problems.

The principle complaint regarding the PCG option is the apparent lack of a list of charities from which to choose to give. This issue is caused by a delay in displaying the list of charities. By statute, the list of charities available through the PCG program must first be listed in random order for each applicant. For the 2010 PFD on-line application, the list of charities can be searched and sorted either alphabetically or by region. Due to the tremendous traffic on the PFD system, the search and sort function has created delays. An applicant will see "[Loading]" for an extended period of time, and must be patient as the search is completed. Once the search is complete, an applicant may also be confused by an empty cell in place of the charity name. The applicant must click on the drop-down menu to display the list of charities. In addition, the search delay can be so long that the PCG process shuts down and the applicant's PFD is submitted before they have a chance to fulfill their intention of donating through the PCG program. The PFD division will ensure that all 2010 PFD applicants who want to participate in the PCG program have the opportunity to do so. The division is exploring the options available for those who already submitted a 2010 PFD application, and will announce the solution shortly.

In addition, some problems have been reported by 2010 PFD applicants using the e-signature feature of the on-line application process. These problems include adult applications being populated with information from the applicant's child, and error messages when submitting a child's application. The PFD division has been able to diagnose and remedy these problems.

If you experience technical difficulty when applying for your PFD, you are requested to email the division at with your contact information and a description of your experience. This will help the department to more quickly identify and remedy any issues.



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