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Dogs, Environmentalists and Our Government
By Robert McRoberts


January 21, 2010
Thursday PM

Over the many years we have been stating our opinions on this site. I am glad so many smart people are not afraid to voice very important opinions without being scared that they may hurt someone's feelings. Some will!

I have connected the dots... My dog has many Democratic traits but I don't let her vote. So is she democratic or just my dog? But I find Republicans are for big business and I usually end up voting independent and wasting my vote.

I am independent from the rest of the country. I work for myself. I buy my own health care -- which would be cheaper if doctors weren't being sued for B.S. I make my own retirement by investing in my own skills. Since I am a small business, I need the help of other small businesses to make life happen. We all need to work together if we are going to keep the town and community alive. Although I may not have employees of my own -- mainly because our governments have made it so difficult to employ workers -- I do give work to others that do have employees. And the buck keeps passing around our town. I buy coffee from one of our three been baggers only. I try to deal locally as much as possible. If I need a product, I do not complain much about the price because that business has made the effort to buy the product and have it here when I needed it. How many times have you needed something and not be able to find it, then order it and it's not right?

As our community continues to shrink, it's harder to keep each other going. We will all lose if we are shut down. These environmental groups are so few and so whiny about who's doing what. They do not care about any one but themselves. I bet every one is a Democrat. I just feel the president of S.E.A.K. or whatever they call themselves must be federal or state employed. One of the others I see is a Hydaburg resident. Did she try to put a stop from her own corporation logging off all their land? Did she reject the dividends they got from the timber sales of round logs exported to China. And if the president lives on Pennock island does she paddle her kayak back and forth every day? Is her a boat with a motor and a does she have a car in a public parking spot on the town side? As my friend wrote earlier, logging as rough as it was in the 70's did not kill the fishing. I grew up to at 13 on commercial fishing boats and then worked on building logging roads and in many other trades. Our forest as old growth trees do not put out near the oxygen of what the second growth forest that were logged in the 50's do. How do I know, because I have been deep in them. The tree hugger would never know because they were so thick you could not get through them without saws and machines. When our God gave the earth he gave us the tools we needed to survive. Forest are like gardens, the weeds need to be pulled and thinned out. The minerals we are given are for us to survive. Now days we just need to do it better as we have learned by our mistakes. Our world has been changing from day one. Glaciers cause more erosion than man. Look at California washing in to the Pacific. Why are we not putting up silt fences there to hold all the sediments in and all the pesticides from the farmers washing into the rivers and the oceans.

I am not trying to make you look foolish by saying these things, you do that yourselves. I would just hope you could think about what's real. As long as we keep making more babies we are going to keep needing jobs or we will destroy our selves. if you're a Christian and you're worried about Muslims ruling the world because they average 7 kids and we only average 2.5 per family , no wonder they're looking for a fight. They are over populated for their own good. They need the big war to keep from falling apart. Is that not why the kings would go out and have their big bloody battles to keep their population down so they could keep control?

Our government used to be strong and able to give tax credits for the more kids you had. But that in turn is backwards. The more kids meant more schooling paid by less parents. But we had more soldiers to fight if we were needed too. Now since we do not fight to keep our population under control we should be giving tax credit for smaller families if we are going to live in a world of no war. Which takes me to WWII. Why is it only in the last few years we see no fish in spots when in wars there were so many oil tanker sunk in the wars? But they didn't kill off all wildlife. It's only now when we're concerned about the pollution. Then oceans were on fire. Bombs were smoking up the skies from all the destruction. With today's technology we can just take out the leaders with out losing as many people. But the top brass would not allow that because it make them more important the more it cost.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan Ak

Received January 21, 2009 - Published January 21, 2010


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